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LOVATI - Glass working machinery - The best technology for your best glass
3 and 4 axis CNC
BEM Series
Smart CNC

Numerical control machine to grind and polish the edge on shaped glasses with internal curves, external curves, straightline sides, mitred corners. 

BEM can process glasses with different shape, size and thickness in sequence. In fact, BEM working table is equipped with mobile bars with special suction pads to fix glass sheets: these suction pads are automatically positioned and activated according to the shape and dimensions of the glass to be processed. In this way, it is possible to avoid any idle time due to suction cups positioning.

BEM machines are particularly suitable for processing low-emissivity glasses as the surface of the coated glass sheet never comes into contact neither with suction pads, rollers, nor with transport belts.

A maximum of 3 wheels can be stacked on each tool-holder (for glass up to 12 mm thickness).

Tool crib with automatic selection for tool withdrawal and deposit. 

Electronic measuring system of glass dimensions.

Bar code scanner 
to tranfer datas for the automatic selection of processing programme.

- Fully automatic suckers positioning

- CAD-CAM software

- Teleassistance by Internet

- Software for routing bit and diamond wheel oscillation during processing 

- Software for the decoration of glass surfaces 

- DXF software to import or export drawings from/to other systems 

- Conic ISO40 tool-holders

Upon request, BEM machines can be equipped with loading tilting tables.

Technical data

BEM 31 BEM 42 BEM 52 BEM 63
Min. glass size 600x400 mm * 800x400 mm * 800x400 mm * 800x400 mm *
Max. glass size 3200x1650 mm 4800x2500 mm 5500x2500 mm 6000x3210 mm
Glass thickness 3 - 20 mm 3 - 20 mm 3 - 20 mm 3 - 20 mm
Number of tools 15 15 20 20
Diameter of the wheels 150 mm max 150 mm max 150 mm max 150 mm max
Programm. spindle rounds 0 - 12000 rpm 0 - 12000 rpm 0 - 12000 rpm 0 - 12000 rpm
Spindle power 15 kW 15 kW 15 kW 15 kW

* Upon request, BEM machines can be designed for glasses with minimum dimension of 480x300 mm.

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