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LOVATI - Glass working machinery - The best technology for your best glass
Rebuilt Machines
Automatic machines

The second-hand machine type LOV-201 AF5L has been completely rebuilt and tested in our factory.
LOV-201 AF5L machine is covered by our standard warrantee as per our brand new machines.

LOV-201AF5L is a fully automatic machine to grind all types of edge profile (pencil edge, flat edge, OG edge, etc) on heavy rectangles with rounded corners, oval etc.

Working off a template for shapes other than circles, the machine produces perfectly true shapes from each production cycle, in which the heads automatically enter and exit without operator intervention.

The glass is handled only at loading and unloading.
The piece is finished with a bright polish at the end of the cycle.

The machine processes the glass with simultaneous functioning of the heads.

The machine is entirely self-contained with its own recycling tank and pump and with its own vacuum system.

Maintenance, because of the over-engineered design, is minimal.

LOV 201 AF5L
Total n wheels 5
N edging wheels 3
N polishing wheels 2
Glass size 500 - 2200 mm
Glass thickness 4 - 40 mm
Rotation speed 1 - 12 rpm
Max. lenght*/width ratio of glass 2:1
N motors 8
Total power 19.5 Hp

* or diagonal for rectangular glass

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