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LOVATI - Glass working machinery - The best technology for your best glass
Drilling & Routing machines
CNC for drilling, routing and corners
3 Machines in 1!

Numerical control drilling and routing machine with one double head to perform holes, routings, notches, pin and screw inserts. ALCOR 100 can grind and polish round and shaped corners, too.

The machine has two automatic centering bars; the operator has only to deposit the glass against these bars, then the glass is blocked by pneumatic cylinders and is ready to be worked.

- Touch screen

- CAD-CAM software

- Teleassistance

- Fast tool change

- Laser system for hole centering, on request

Technical data

Glass thickness

2 - 30 mm

Corner ground and polished 5 to 110 mm mac
Hole diameter

80 mm max

Routing X axis

200 mm max

Routing Y axis

200 mm max

Upper spindle speed 12000 rpm max automatic adjustment
Lower spindle speed 4000 rpm max automatic adjustment

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