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LOVATI - Glass working machinery - The best technology for your best glass
5 axis CNC
GIANT Series
The biggest CNC ever produced

Numerical control machine to grind and polish the bevel and the edge on shaped glasses with internal and external curves and straight line edges.

GIANT has 5 axis with linear and circular interpolation of axis X, Y, Z, A for head rotation and B for spindle inclination. The A axis can rotate 360" in continuous mode.

In addition to grinding and polishing of the bevel and the edge, this machine can also perform holes, pin and screw inserts, internal and external milling and routing.
By using angular groups (optional) the machine can make sawing and grooving on shapes.

On the spindle it is possible to stack 1 bevelling wheel or 2 diamond wheels and 1 polishing wheel for grinding and polishing the edge.

More than one glass sheet can be positioned on the working table.

Maximum glass dimensions: up to 8.300 x 3.210 mm

The machine is equipped with a particularly strong and powerful head which can have a maximum inclination of 90 degrees (horizontal position).
This characteristic allows to grind the bevel and the flat edge on high thickness glass with any type of required inclination and by using cup wheels instead of peripheral wheels.
The high power of the spindle and the strength and rigidity of the machine whole structure allows to work glass or stone up to a maximum thickness of 80 mm.

The working table can be divided in two sections, each one equipped with 12 positions tool station, with automatic selection for tool withdrawal and deposit.

- CAD-CAM Software

- Teleassistance by Internet

- Special bevel polishing system with felt and cerium oxide

Technical data

Max. glass size with head in vertical position 8300 x 3210 mm 4000 x 2000 mm
Max. glass size with head at 90 position 7850 x 2760 mm 3550 x 1550 mm
Glass thickness 4 mm - 80 mm 4 mm - 80 mm
Head inclination 0 - 91 in two directions 0 - 91 in two directions
Wheel diameter 150 mm max. 150 mm max.
Working table height 900 mm 900 mm
Programmable spindle rounds 0 - 12000 rpm 0 - 12000 rpm
Spindle rotation Left and right Left and right
Spindle power 15 KW 15 KW
Compressed air pressure 7 BAR 7 BAR

GIANT: detail

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