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LOVATI - Glass working machinery - The best technology for your best glass
Map 4
Automatic edging machine with centering system and loading/unloading unit

Automatic machine to grind pencil edge or flat edge with arris on round glasses.

Map 4 is equipped with 4 grinding stations in order to work 4 glasses simultaneously.

On each spindle three diamond wheels can be stacked to grind glasses with different thicknesses.

The machine has an automatic centering system, which is done on a special table, and has an automatic loading/unloading system to transfer the glasses from the centering table to the grinding position and from this to the washing machine (non included).
Glasses have to be manually positioned on centering table by the operator.

Map 4 is very fast and is able to grind up to four glasses in 30 seconds approx.

Technical data

Glass dimensions (diameter) 100 mm min - 500 mm max
Wheel diameter 150 mm
Glass thickness 2 - 6 mm
Grinding speed 5 mt/min max
Spindles power 3 HP - 2,2 Kw each

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