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LOVATI - Glass working machinery - The best technology for your best glass
3 and 4 axis CNC
LOV 622 2T Series
Multispindle CNC

Numerical control machine to grind and polish the edge on shaped glasses with internal curves, external curves, straightline sides, mitred corners.

It is possible to work any shape and profile by means of linear and circular interpolation on X, Y, Z axis.

The machine has 2 grinding spindle units by which two glass sheets can be ground and polished simultaneously on each working table.

- table with special stops to center the glass and special suckers to fix it

- tool crib with automatic selection for tool withdrawal and deposit

- teleassistance by Internet

- CAD/CAM automatic design station

LOV 622 2T/S
: is equipped with a special working table divided in 2 parts which slide on hardened guides with high precision ball sliding blocks.
This assures a perfect flatness of the tables and a complete absence of vibrations during the glass working operations.
Automatic lubrication system guarantees absolute precision and long life of guides and sliding blocks.

On request, LOV 622 2TS can be produced with a fixed table, instead of two sliding tabled (LOV 622 2T).

Technical data

LOV 622 2T/S*
Max. glass size on each sliding table
2 glasses: 480x1400 mm
1 glass: 1160x1400 mm
Max. glass size with tables fastened together 1 glass: 1840x1400 mm
Glass thickness 2 - 50 mm
Diameter of wheel 150 mm max
Table 2 sliding tables
Tool crib 16 (8+8) positions
Programmable spindle rounds 0 - 12.000 rpm
Spindle power 2 spindles: 15 KW each

* Note: other sizes available upon request.

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