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LOVATI - Glass working machinery - The best technology for your best glass
Fully Automatic Machines
Bevelling machines with template
Automatic bevellers

LOV 202 AB6S

Fully automatic machines to grind all types of edge profile (pencil edge, flat edge, OG edge, etc) and bevel on heavy rectangles with rounded corners, oval etc.

Working off a template for shapes other than circles, the machines produce perfectly true shapes from each production cycle, in which the heads automatically enter and exit without operator intervention.

The glass is handled only at loading and unloading.
The piece is finished with a bright polish at the end of the cycle.

The machines process the glass with simultaneous functioning of the heads.
They are not one-pass-at-a-time machines.

They have been designed for standard production work and for custom or "made-to-measure" work, and have proven their design features over many years of operation.

The machines are entirely self-contained with their own recycling tank and pump and with their own vacuum system.

Maintenance, because of the over-engineered design, is minimal.

Technical data

LOV 152 AB LOV 202 AB 6S LOV 301 FB8
Total n wheels 5 6 7
N edging wheels 1 1 3
N bevelling wheels 4 4 4
N edge polishing wheels - 1 -
N loading/unloading positions - - 1
Glass size 320-1600 mm 480-2200 mm 100-400 mm
Glass thickness 4-12 mm 4-20 mm 3-20 mm
Max. bevel width 30 mm 30 mm 30 mm
Bevel angle 5-6-7 5-6-7 10
Rotation speed 1-12 rpm 1-12 rpm 0.5-10 rpm
Max. lenght*/width ratio of glass 2:1 2:1 2:1
N motors 8 9 11
Total power 15 HP 20 HP 24 HP

* or diagonal for rectangular glass

LOV 301 FB8

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