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LOVATI - Glass working machinery - The best technology for your best glass
CNC for corners
LOV 07
CNC for corner

Numerical control machine to grind and polish round and shaped corners with pencil edge, flat edge, OG and special profiles.

It is possible to stack on the spindle three diamond wheels and two polishing wheels.

The dimensions of 150 diamond or polishing wheels can be memorized into the CNC.

Types and dimensions of corner, types of necessary diamond and polishing wheels and number of wheel working operations have to be inserted into the computer to work a corner.

Basing on the thickness of glass and type of corner, by means of the computer, the operator can choose the most appropriate working speed.

LOV-07-NC can grind corners also on hexagonal and octagonal glasses.

Technical data

LOV 07
Round corner radius 5 - 200 mm
Shaped corner size 10 - 200 mm
Glass thickness 3 - 20 mm
Minimum glass size 250x250 mm
Maximum glass size No limit
Spindle power 2.2 KW

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